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What We Can Do For You


The Petsentials

All pets will start off with a warm bubbly bath as they enjoy a pampered soothing massage. Based on their specific needs, we will dry and brush them making sure they do not get irritated and are as comfortable as can be. Once groomed we make sure that the ear drums are clear from hair and wax. Pawdicure? Say less! To finish up your pets we dremel the nails and polish each one making sure that they are not sharp or long. The health and safety of your pets is our number priority. This is why we make sure to use hypoallergenic products that are animal cruelty free.

dog grooming

The Pawremium

We start off with The Petsentials, then work on the sanitary area to make sure your pups don't come back home with a mess after you walk them. We'll make sure that their paw hairs are nicely trimmed so that their paw prints are impeccable every time they walk by. Your pet's hair style is their choice and we will make sure they step out of the salon feeling fresh, alluring and rejuvenated. 

*Please note that pricing varies depending on your pets breed and condition.

A La Carte Services

For That Extra Love & Attention


(Double Coat Removal)

 - Helps with allergies

 - Prevents painful matting/knotting

 - Keeps your home clean from excess hair


(Knott Removal)

- Removes tangled hair

- Helps brushing hair at home easier

- Reliefs tension when carresing


(Cut & Polish)
Nail Trimming $15
Polish color $5

- Helps with balance & posture

- Avoids infections

 - Nail polish gives personality


Natural Blueberry Facial
(Full Body Treatment)

- Good source of antioxidants for itchy/irritated skin

- Helps clear up tear stains

- Facilitates hair growth


Teeth Brushing

- Prevent plaque, tartar, and calculus

- Keeps mouth fresh & clean

- Helps prevent gingivitis and gum disease

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